About Us

Shaping the future of international education

ECA is a non-profit organization with the objective to provide high-quality educational programs to students from across the globe.

ECA was founded in 1995 by a group of experienced educators from North America, Latin America and Europe, with the vision to revolutionize international education.

Since the founding, ECA has grown steadily to provide programs to high school and university students in 7 different countries and across 3 different continents.
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Our Promise



We operate all of our programs with transparency and ensure that all of our participants and partners are treated with fairness and integrity.



We maintain a high standard of quality across all of our programs, ensuring the best possible experience for every participant.



We emphasize safety and security on all of our programs, using a comprehensive set of tried and tested protocols in every program that we run.

Our Mission

group of international students in front of Tower Bridge in London

ECA was founded with the mission to provide high quality international educational experiences to as many students as possible from different countries across the world

We believe in education, but we believe that education is more than just a classroom. By providing an international learning experience, we hope to be able to connect students from across the world and foster understanding and international cooperation in future generations.

In the next years, we hope to be able to expand our programs to reach more students.

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